Manage Insects More Effectively and Develop IPM Resources within Your Courses BMP Manual On Demand

Adam Dale, Ph.D.
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90 Minutes

Insect and mite pests frequently damage golf course turf, leading to pest control and turf recovery efforts. To most effectively manage plant pests and minimize unintended effects of your control efforts, multiple management strategies must be combined. During this 90-minute webinar, Adam Dale, Ph.D., provides details about various evidence-based integrated pest management strategies. Listen in to learn how to incorporate these into best management practices at your golf course as well as how to document them using GCSAA’s Online BMP Template.

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About the Instructor

Adam Dale, Ph.D.Adam Dale, Ph.D., is the turfgrass and ornamental entomologist and state extension specialist at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla. Dale's research and extension programs focus on developing and disseminating integrated pest management practices for managing insect and mite pests of turf and ornamentals in Florida landscapes and golf courses. His overarching goal is to increase plant and ecosystem health while reducing damaging plant pests and the inputs required to manage them.

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