Chemical & Cultural Strategies for Poa annua Control on Golf Courses presented by PBI-Gordon

Shawn Askew, Ph.D.
Start Date
60 Minutes

Poa annua can be a troublesome weed or desired turfgrass species. In this 60-minute webinar presented by PBI-Gordon, Shawn Askew, Ph.D., provides both chemical and cultural control strategies for poa annua. Askew is one of a national team of scientists involved with a poa project funded by USDA NIFA. Join us to learn how to leverage poa annua’s unique biology to your advantage as Askew covers details on herbicide resistance and control BMPs that he and his colleagues have uncovered.

Original presentation date: Apr. 6, 2022

This event was approved for external education points. You will use the code announced at the end of the webinar, to submit your points in the external education affidavit on the GCSAA web site.

About the Instructor

Shawn Askew PhDShawn Askew, Ph.D., is originally from Mississippi and earned his bachelors and master’s degrees at Mississippi State University. He received his Ph.D. degree in weed science at North Carolina State University in 2001 and currently serves as professor of turfgrass weed science at Virginia Tech’s School of Plant and Environmental Sciences. He conducts research, teaches classes, and mentors graduate students at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. He has presented over 1100 invited talks, lectures, and extension presentations and is also one of the scientists on the Resist Poa research team.

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