Floods: Dealing with the Devastation Before During and After On Demand

Bud White
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90 Minutes

Flooding is a natural disaster that many golf courses will never know yet one that is almost frequent for others. In this 90-minute webinar, Bud White, reviews things to think about for an imminent flooding event and programs to put in place for potential, frequent flooding. He covers how to deal with damage and assessment immediately after a flood. Owners and management may not recognize the long-term problems you’ll need to correct and for which you will need to plan and budget. White gives you ideas you can use to communicate this information. Tips to deal with details of all three phases are included.

Original presentation date: Apr. 5, 2022
Education points: 0.20

About the Instructor

Bud WhiteBud White's expertise reflects his long association with golf course architects, superintendents, and construction managers, as well as his own field experience in golf course construction and grow-in. He has consulted on over 400 construction/renovation/grow-in projects and has had project management experience on Morrish/Weiskopf and Nicklaus/Fazio private club properties. White was formerly a USGA Green Section director in the Southeast and Mid-Continent Regions. He has visited courses throughout the country and internationally, as well as having extensive championship setup. His book, "Turf Manager's Handbook of Golf Course Construction, Renovation and Grow-in," was released in 2001. White is a popular Conference speaker and webinar presenter, and often speaks at local and state GCSA chapter meetings and conferences.

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