Drones & Wetting Agents: A Birds Eye View of LDS & More On Demand

Daniel O'Brien
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90 Minutes

When it comes to managing water, wetting agents can seemingly do it all. There’s no shortage of claims as to what these products can do, and no shortage of questions about them either. For the better part of two decades, researchers at the University of Arkansas have been studying wetting agents, and as the work has grown, so too has the array of tools & technologies used to carry it out. Drones have made their mark in precision agriculture and are increasingly finding their way into turfgrass management and research. In this 90-minute webinar, Daniel O’Brien discusses current wetting agent research, how drones are being used, and key considerations for bringing the lessons learned onto the golf course.

Original presentation date: Dec. 7, 2022
Education points: 0.20

About the Instructor

Dan OBrienDaniel O’Brien is a research technician and PhD student working with Mike Richardson, Ph.D., at the University of Arkansas. His research is focused on wetting agents – investigating different active ingredients and application strategies. Originally from Birmingham, Ala., he earned his bachelors from Auburn University and spent eight years in sports turf management before joining the Arkansas Turfgrass Research Program. He earned his master’s working with Doug Karcher, Ph.D., studying technologies for putting green management. O’Brien currently resides in Siloam Springs, Ark. with wife Jacquelyn and three children: Maggie, Jack, and Ellie.

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