Expect the Unexpected: Plan Now to Minimize Your Risks - On Demand

Deb Swartz
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What risks are posed by hazardous and nonhazardous materials at the maintenance facility and on the golf course? You need to plan now to minimize or eliminate those risks and reduce the corresponding liability. 

In this 90-minute webinar, Debra Swartz provides instruction on how to develop and implement spill response and training plans to help meet state and federal requirements.  You’ll also get details on BMPS, safety programs and standard operating procedures designed to reduce risks and avoid accidents. Listen in to learn more about putting safety first for your team.

Original presentation date: Oct. 23, 2014
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About the Instructor

Debra SwartzDebra S. Swartz received her bachelor of science from Michigan State University and began work with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources by conducting hydrogeological investigations at SUPERFUND sites. Her work contributed to the cleanup of contaminated groundwater and the protection of Michigan’s drinking water supplies. She then began work with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and coordinated with the Michigan State University Turf Team to launch the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program (MTESP). The MTESP received the GCSAA Presidents Award for Environmental Leadership and the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award. For the past 14 years, Swartz has worked with golf course superintendents, owners, and managers to implement sustainable management practices that lead to environmental certification of their properties. She has been a GCSAA instructor for over a decade teaching at GIS and webcasts.

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