Improving Management & Communication for Your Facility's Success - On Demand

Bill H. Maynard, CGCS
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90 Minutes

If you're being asked to control expenses more than ever before (labor, equipment, chemical inputs, etc.), you need to be able to explain the impact of the choices being made on conditions and golfer satisfaction. In this 90-minute webinar, Bill H. Maynard, CGCS, explains ways to further develop the management and communication skills you need to stay on top of your career and take your facility to the next level.
Skills covered include:

  • Budgeting to control costs and manage expenses to match declining revenue.
  • Building successful and credible relationships especially within your facility.
  • Strengthening your communication skills for a variety of situations and audiences.

Practical examples provide a big portion of this discussion, and you'll learn new ways you can be more successful with less stress.

Original presentation date: March 10, 2016 Education points: 0.2

About the instructor

Bill Maynard, CGCSBill H. Maynard, CGCS, is a GCSAA Past President and has served as the director of golf course maintenance operations at The Country Club of St Albans since 2013. He earned his bachelors in psychology from the University of Tennessee and first achieved certification in 1998. Prior to St. Albans, he was the superintendent at Milburn Country Club, The Golf Club of Tennessee, The Virginian Golf Club and Champion Hills Club. Maynard is a past president of the Heart of America GCSA and a former board member for the Carolinas GCSA. He has also served on numerous GCSAA committees, including Membership, Career Development, Professional Development, Certification and the Online Task Group. He has taught seminars and webinars for GCSAA since 2008.

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