Minimizing Turf Stress is Doable - On Demand

Beth Guertal, Ph.D.
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Stress isn’t any better for turfgrass than it is for people. Just like when we work to achieve more, push our limits, there can be consequences to pushing turfgrass with strenuous management practices. Beth Guertal, Ph.D., looks at stresses that come from such practices but also those that come from life. While the latter might not be as much in your control, she’ll explain choices you can make to help minimize stress due to heat, drought, cold, flooding, salinity, pests, etc. This 90-minute webinar, part of our ASCS Prep series, will give you food for thought for de-stressing your turf and maybe inspiration to de-stress other aspects of your life.
Original presentation date: Oct. 11, 2018 Education points: 0.2

This course was Live captioned when recorded.

About the Instructor

Beth Guertal PhDElizabeth Guertal, Ph.D., is a professor at Auburn University. She earned her bachelors and masters from The Ohio State University and her Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University. Guertal's research interests and areas of focus include soil fertility, turfgrass management and the flux of fertilizer nutrients in the turfgrass environment. Her university appointment includes 50% teaching and 50% research. She has been a GCSAA faculty member since 2001 teaching both seminars and webinars.

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