ABCs of Irrigation System Design - On Demand

Ashley Wilkinson
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Among the biggest projects any turf manager may undertake will be a new irrigation system. While many shy away from playing an active role in the system’s design, Ashley Wilkinson explains why and how you should help in planning for such a large construction project. This 90-minute webinar in our ASCS Prep series simplifies the components that all managers should evaluate. Key areas discussed include basic hydraulics, various design styles, and system control options. Wilkinson also reviews choices in piping systems and pump station options. You gain both tips and confidence to make informed decisions for the long-term protection of your facility.

Original presentation date: Dec. 6, 2018            Education points: 0.2

This course has captioning as part of the recording.

About the Instructor

Ashley Wilkinson is a professor at Horry Georgetown Technical College having started his education there before earning his master’s degree in Turfgrass from Auburn University. Wilkinson has over 25 years in the turfgrass industry, serving as a superintendent, project manager, and irrigation designer/consultant. In addition to his university duties, he continues to consult to numerous venues while managing construction projects specific to irrigation.

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Dan Albert Olbes Sesbreno - 03/09/2020

Very informative

Travis Martin - 01/28/2020

Very informative

Matthew Simonson - 01/12/2020

Great overview on irrigation from A to Z

John Hewell - 01/09/2020

Very well executed presentation.

Willis Collett - 12/19/2019


Jason Bazan - 12/11/2019

Nice to see different setups

Kevin Karkiewicz - 11/21/2019

Very well done and easy to understand covers all major points of irrigation.

Brett Shaffer - 01/23/2019

Very well organized and informative. Especially beneficial covering HDPE pipes and procedures.

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