GDDs & PGRs: Will these letters save you money? - Live

Austin Brown
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60 Minutes

Can growing degree-days (GDDs) help you make more precise plant growth regulator (PGR) reapplications on ultradwarf bermudagrass putting greens? More importantly, can GDDs improve PGR performance and save money? In this 60-minute webinar, Austin Brown will answer these questions as he reviews a recent PGR study at Auburn University. Emphasis will be placed on Primo Maxx applications for ultradwarf bermudagrass greens.


About the InstructorAustin Brown

Austin Brown is a master's student at Auburn University where he trains at the feet of Drs. Beth Guertal, David Han, and Scott McElroy. As an undergraduate, he was a member of Auburn's victorious GCSAA Turf Bowl team. His practical turfgrass experience comes from building a putting green in his backyard as a 15-year-old and interning at Wynlakes Golf and Country Club in Montgomery, Alabama. As a research assistant for Scott McElroy, Ph.D., over the past three years, Brown has worked predominantly with plant growth regulators on warm-season turfgrass.

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