Weed Resistance, The Future of Herbicides??? presented by PBI Gordon

Travis Teuton, Ph.D.
Start Date
60 Minutes

Weed resistance is becoming more commonplace and is important to everyone in the golf industry. Travis Teuton, Ph.D. at Sand Meadows Research teaches this 60-minute webinar, presented by PBI Gordon. Teuton starts with a review of what weed resistance to herbicides actually means. This will give you some ways to confirm resistance, if you suspect you have it. You will learn how resistance will affect your golf course and what you can do to combat resistance. Listen in to be ready for the future.

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About the Instructor

Travis Teuton, Ph.D., specializes in pesticide and fertility research. He earned his master’s degree from the University Florida and his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. Teuton has eleven refereed journal articles and a proven track record in research. His goal is to provide the highest customer experience possible; his business - to provide quality data that is useful to both the customer and the industry.

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