Developing Engaging Presentations and Enhancing Your Delivery - Live

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Learn directly from Rick Capozzi, a highly evaluated, international speaker and presentation coach how to deliver your message in a more engaging and impactful way. You’ll learn skills that will help you improve your first impression and develop a stronger rapport with your audience. You’ll also hear how Capozzi cut his preparation time by 75%. In this 90-minute webinar, he explains the development and delivery techniques that aid in longer term retention and application of your new skills.

  • Review techniques to significantly reduce presentation preparation time and anxiety
  • Utilize mind mapping to be able to “see” your presentation and reduce or eliminate your need for notes
  • Discover the controllables in making a great first impression
  • Assess how to modify your presentation on the fly and gain the confidence to interact with your audience, even if it includes difficult participants
  • Determine when (and when not) to incorporate technology
  • Share best presentation practices
  • Interpret the listener’s nonverbal feedback you are receiving and adjust accordingly

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About the instructor

Rick CapozziRick Capozzi has been delivering personal growth and development training as well as providing global marketing services since 1991. A native of Franklin, Penn., Capozzi earned his bachelor's degree in Communication from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. During his tenure at The Pennsylvania State University as a Learning Strategist with the Human Resource Development Center, he designed and developed some of the department’s most popular programs. His travels have taken him to South America, Mexico, Canada, and Japan, throughout Europe and to all but 7 states in the USA. Capozzi has worked with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, elementary schools through higher education, and individuals to entire companies. His focus is primarily with “soft skills” such as nonverbal communication, creative problem solving, and time management. Capozzi has taught both seminars and webinars for GCSAA.

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