Height of Cut & Frequency of Clip and Troubleshooting: Mowing Quality of Cut Series - On Demand

Parker and Rapp
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44 Minutes

Recorded live during an equipment managers tech session for the ET members of the Mississippi Valley Chapter of the GCSAA at Norwood Hills Country Club in St. Louis, Mo. Erik Parker, golf sales and service representative, Erb Turf Equipment, covers bench setting vs. effective height of cut, bedknife aggressiveness and frequency of clip issues. Details on troubleshooting of various quality of cut issues round out his presentation.

Chris Rapp, equipment manager, Bellerive Country Club, provides real world examples from his decades of experience in the golf maintenance business.

Parker hopes, “You’ll walk away with a better understanding of some of the cut quality issues common to our business.” You can sure walk out on the course with printable checklists in hand to help you put his troubleshooting ideas into action.

Original presentation date: April 23, 2019 Education points: 0.08

44 minutes
More in this series: Mowing Quality of Cut – General Cut Issues and Diagnosis - 42 minutes

Tools to See Cut Quality - 20 minutes

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