A 15-minute Explanation of Your Soil Test Report

Beth Guertal, Ph.D.
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At the onset of this micro learning event, Beth Guertal, Ph.D., explains, “A soil test report is supposed to give you an idea of what the nutrient status is of various soil nutrients in your soil and then give you a recommendation for how much you need to see your plant through the next cropping season.” She then proceeds to use BEER as an example to help you better understand the nuances of soil reports. Take a look to learn more about the differences between labs and how that impacts the report you receive.

Original presentation date: Sept. 2019    Education points: 0.03

About the Instructor

Beth Guertal PhDElizabeth Guertal, Ph.D., is a professor at Auburn University. She earned her bachelors and masters from The Ohio State University and her Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University. Guertal's research interests and areas of focus include soil fertility, turfgrass management and the flux of fertilizer nutrients in the turfgrass environment. Guertal has taught various turfgrass and educational subjects all around the world and has been a GCSAA faculty member since 2001 teaching both seminars and webinars.

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